Installation / Intervention / Performance by Walter Willems

An asphalt road is paved with carpet. Passers-by feel the difference as they move across it: a soft interlude, a hush, a squish. As in the associative trail blazed in a dream, something that is grey can turn into smoke and it becomes acceptable to move from pavement to fabric. The carpet is a clone that exists in our minds, in our dreams, and now on our streets.

During an all night performance the asphalt road will be slowly unveiled when a roadwork crew will systematically divide the carpet into small pieces. Each piece will be tailored and labeled on the spot and handed out to the audience, who in return are invited to become part of the legacy of the project and encouraged to take this souvenir/artifact home. They can register their numbered edition at and take photos of the carpet in different settings and post their results directly online. A selection of these posted photographs will be exhibited in Toronto in 2008.

Secret of the Syncope II is one of the commissioned projects of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2007, Toronto, Canada.


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